Freezer Meals for The New Mom : Part 2

After deciding to go ahead with preparing freezer meals for my future new-mom self, I got to work pretty much immediately. Life happened, and it took longer than expected, but here we are – at last, my final list of meals to prep!

I will say, this was harder than I thought it would be. Turns out I’m driven by cravings, so coming up with things that sounded yummy now, will hopefully be yummy then, and that have some nutritional value was a bit of a task. I mostly went with things we’ve had multiple times before, so the only surprise will be the Chicken Parmesan Casserole. I had to indulge a little bit but still keep it “normal” as far as tastes go, so that was the compromise.

If I had it my way, we would have pancakes all day everyday.

Not gonna happen.

So here’s what I’ve got instead. I’ve broken my menu down into 4 phases of prep, mostly just to avoid getting overwhelmed (that seems to happen a lot these days, ahem, hormones) and because this is my first time doing any major prepping/freezing for later.

I’ve made grocery lists for each set, which I won’t be including because I feel like that’s silly (how do I know what you have in stock? Oh yeah – I don’t), and they aren’t too bad. Like I said, I’ll be gathering basics & continuing to feed my little family while I get these rolling, so as of now I’m not feeling too much pressure.

A few other legitimate reasons I divided things up:

So I don’t have to buy ingredients for 12 extra meals while also restocking our pantry/fridge with necessities, and oh yeah we’re about to furnish an entire nursery and have a baby. It’s money I’ll be spending regardless, but at least this way I can feel okay about it while still checking all the other boxes I want to check.

Also, I just don’t want to spend an entire day in my kitchen. I haven’t seen it yet but the photos are nice, so it’s not a matter of hating that creative domestic space, more that I feel like an elephant and my feet agree. A lot of these involve half cooking then freezing (chicken, spaghetti sauce, ground beef), which I plan to do a lot of in the crockpot, so even if it does take all day, effort is minimal 😉 Others will be bagged and specific ingredients added when it’s time to cook, so hopefully I haven’t made too much work for myself. I’m sure things won’t go quite according to plan, but thanks to all the relaxin pumping through my system, I’m suddenly a little more flexible. Bad joke.

One Hour Housewife is the name, being productive but not swamped because ain’t nobody got time for that is the game.

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Author: brookemsturgis

27, Air Force wife and mom to be.

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