Baby Moon Adventures – Monticello & Shenandoah National Park

Good morning, people of the internet. It’s Monday, and I’m TIRED. Today is the big eclipse, and I have every intention of taking advantage of the midday darkness by napping like a boss. No shame in my preggo game.

Last week Ken and I went out into the world for our final hoorah before our mini arrives, and I’m still coming down from the vacation high. Today is his first day back at work, I’m coming into week 37, and our house is put together for the most part, so it’s becoming a bit more real that life is about to get crazy. For now though, the weather is warm, the dogs are enjoying the backyard, and I’ve still got the AC cranked #hormones. I’m so glad we were able to pause for a weekend and spend some time together, just the two of us, before we bring home our bundle of joy.

We started the weekend with a stop at Brazos Tacos in Charlottesville VA – yeah, that one, the day before the chaos – and man oh man did it hit the spot. Momma loves a street taco, and they delivered. I kept it pretty simple and just ordered the carnitas out of fear (pregnancy related, not because of the restaurant) and they were DELICIOUS. 5/5 recommend.ย After lunch we headed to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello for a tour. We didn’t go in with much information, but the tour was so so good. Having done a tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon as well, we both agreed that ol’ TJ did it right, and did it better. The attention to detail, innovation, and reasoning behind every architectural decision was evident and perfectly executed. We definitely want to go back in the fall to see the leaves after they’ve changed, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

We love ourselves a scenic drive, and Shenandoah didn’t disappoint for days 2 and 3. My sweet love booked us a tour of Herbert Hoover’s Camp Rapidan while we were there, and yet again we were rocked by the amount of information we didn’t know, and walked away with. The rest of our tour was spent taking in Skyline Drive and just soaking up some quality time together – my love language, for sure. I can’t wait to go back, and since it’s so close and so perfect, we’ll definitely return.

*Bonus nugget: active duty military can get a year long pass for all the national parks for freeeeee when you show ID. There are limitations to how many people you can bring in, but for just the two of us (soon to be three), a free pass is where it’s at.

Overall, the weekend was terrific, the weather was perfect, and the company was ideal. Now that we’re home and getting back to business as usual, I’m feeling ready for life. Ready for the change in seasons, ready for our sweet baby boy to arrive, and ready to start life as a family of three – plus three sweet pups.

Happy Monday, internet friends


Pregnancy SHOCKERS – 6 Unexpected Preggo Adventures

I spent an irrational amount of my early-mid 20’s Googling everything I could about pregnancy. I read blogs, books, horror stories, watched birth videos ranging from c-sections to a woman squatting in a creek during their designated birthing camping trip (and somehow she & I both walked away unscathed). It’s almost shameful, but at the same time, I felt like I came into pregnancy with my eyes open. Not entirely open, because there was experience to learn from and every pregnancy is different, but I felt equipped.

Body pain? No big deal. Possible beard? Sweet. Hemorrhoids? Hit me. Anything for the little human I would no doubt love nurturing, and would bring into the world while a choir of angels sang out above us.

And then I got pregnant and barfed my brains out for 5 months. And I’m still not loving pregnancy. And I absolutely will not apologize for being bitter about it because tater-tots, oatmeal and ground beef are ruined for me FOREVER.

But instead of complaining today about how emotionally disappointing my otherwise healthy, uneventful pregnancy has been, I want to touch on a few things that I was definitely NOT adequately prepared for. Disclaimer: Momma ain’t playing. This is not for my dad to read. This is based entirely on personal experience and if you weren’t traumatized, good for you. My pregnancy, my blog.

  1. Discharge. So. Much. Discharge. I’ve never had a single spot of blood and it’s never anything that is really notable, aside from the sheer amount. Like geez, never in my life have I felt like such a mess down under, but here we are. It makes me real excited for the weeks after birth. Not.
  2. Skin tags.ย Now. I had a few (like 3) before pregnancy, and they weren’t bothering anyone, so they got to stay. I read that there was a possibility I would develop more, but again: GEEZ. It started one day when I was shaving my underarms. I look down and there are like 5 just outside of the shave-zone. Ew, but at least they’re out of sight. A few weeks later, shaving again, I look down and they’ve turned black and scabby. I rubbed (gently!!!) and they all flaked off. So I develop these skin tags, they shrivel up, fall off, then they come back. EXCEPT the ones on my neck. It’s disgusting and I’ve taken to wearing my hair down for fear of them becoming large and ugly and not falling off someday when my body has gotten itself back together, should that day ever actually come.
  3. My boobs have been leaking for like 4 months now?!ย Not so much that I’m having to change my shirt (every time) or that anyone besides me would know, but really? I knew there would be some action as we got closer to delivery, but this has been happening since week 23-25. My husband’s response: At least they’re doing their job. Meanwhile, I’ve got a soggy bra and no baby to show for it yet. Simmer down girls, the show hasn’t begun.
  4. Third Trimester Sleep Regression. Not sure if that’s actually a thing, but it damn well should be. Between my extreme discharge, leaky boobs, and the whole “you’re growing a human” thing, you would think my body would at least allow for a break overnight. Alas, that’s when the RLS and dance party kick in. I actually watched the clock yesterday – Lil’ Dino started right before dinner, so about 4 ish, and didn’t quit THRASHING until after 2 AM. This was after a busy morning (for him), a doctor’s appointment that he did NOT enjoy (thanks to that cervix check holla), and a long round of hiccups. The good news is that I get to have conversations with my sleeping husband – last night’s conversation went as follows. Hubs: Sweet horse! Me: What??? Hubs: That’s a sweet horse! I’m assuming I’m the horse since my five (FIVE. WHO NEEDS THAT MANY) pillows + me + bump take up about 2/3 of the bed. The other night he rolled over and started petting my hair IN HIS SLEEP. He sat up, smiled at me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, then I rolled over because ain’t nobody got time for that. The same night – I wake up and he’s got our blanket in his hand and is holding it up near my mouth (not like he was smothering me, but that’s what I’m calling it because he’s cute when he feels bad #guilttrip), so I ask what he’s doing, and he smiles and says nothing. ALRIGHT CRAZY. Between the sleep-talking husband and mosh pit baby, how is momma supposed to get any rest? I can drug my husband – jokingish – but what about my little American Ninja Warrior? Do babies not sleep? Is he nocturnal? Is he legitimately training????? 2 AM.ย Finally, he stopped moving, and the heartburn he’d churned up came raging. Can’t win.
  5. Having a husband who actually cares. I feel like this one is all me, which is fine. When I was married to my first husband, he had basically zero interest in anything baby related. I should have taken it as a sign, but I was in love or whatever. This time, my dear, sweet, wonderful husband is practically smothering me. He packed his hospital bag three weeks ago and has been hounding me to do mine ever since. I finally got around to it yesterday because momma needed new yoga pants, but oy vey this guy is on a roll. He’s extreme nesting and I love it but I absolutely cannot keep up. He’s done almost every load of baby laundry we’ve washed, he’s sanitized and organized the bottle/feeding station, has distributed diapers and wipes to 3 different changing areas in the house, and today he’s doing all the man jobs he knows he won’t do after baby is here. Which really means he’s waxing the car and soaking up some “me time” that he deserves. He’s crushing the husband game, and while I’m eternally grateful for such a proactive man, he’s killing me because all I want to do is nap *see above. This is a first world problem, and one I’ll take for the team.
  6. Sex is awful.ย Let it be known, this is no reflection on my husband, or our sex life prior to carrying around 20 pounds of angsty fetus, and I’m confident that in time this will get back to normal, but until then shop is CLOSED. Ban the rock music & kick Ren off the gymnastics team because we don’t allow shenanigans in this town, Footloose style CLOSED. I’m saving all of my mental and emotional energy for a romp to help trigger labor, but until I’m told there’s actual progress happening by a licensed physician, no. It’s all very sad.

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster, and one I’m ready to exit. I’m grateful I’m able to carry our little person and that he’s obviously enjoying himself & thriving, I’m grateful we’ve had a mostly uneventful go of it so far, I’m grateful to have such a terrific support system and great medical care and a safe home to bring our baby to, but man. What a ride.

36 Weeks Pregnant & Some of Our FAVORITE Maternity Photos

Happy day to me! I’m 36 weeks along which means the end is finally, realistically near!

Some symptoms:

  • I am EXHAUSTED all the time, but LD is a dance machine. I just wish we could coordinate naps ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I always, always, always crave sweets. And all the other food, or nothing at all because the disco inside has me nauseous. I’m so tired of drinking water, but hydration is important (or whatever) so I’m trying.
  • My feet and ankles swell by the end of the day, just about everyday. My hips and back are achey, and lately I’ve had more knee pain, which I’m attributing to some weight gain for both of us.
  • I’ve begun feeling the “lightening” and MY. GOSH. talk about unpleasant. Usually I can drink some water and lay on my side for relief, but that’s just not always an option. I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks in a good while (like since my husband got back…) and haven’t had any contractions.

Things I’m most looking forward to (besides snuggles)

  • Going to a chiropractor and having them change my life
  • Sushi dates
  • Sleeping on my stomach
  • Walking without pain
  • Having a mini clone of my husband ๐Ÿ˜‰

Things we still have to do:

  • Pack the hospital bag! Hubs was on this one two weeks ago, we’ve got most of the baby clothes washed, so really we’re just waiting on me, as usual. I’m not sure what I’m waiting on, but the mood hasn’t struck yet.
  • Finish nesting! We’re still doing a little bit of unpacking, but I’d say we’re 95% done. Over the next few weeks I plan on going into full hibernation mode, so I’m not worried about finishing at all. Unless he comes surprisingly early.
  • Freezer meals! I’ve done a few, but I’m not quite there. My sweet love has been a huge help in making sure we’ll be taken care of after baby’s arrival, but without him I don’t think I would have as many prepped as I do. That guy is a champ.
  • Get Lacey groomed because girlfriend is a raggedy mess. Note to self.

It’s all coming so fast, and while I’m 10000000% excited to have him here (and have my body back), I also keep finding myself wishing time would slow down. We went on a little baby-moon this last weekend, and it really hit me just how drastically things are about to change. Life, man.



Washington D.C. [and surrounding area] Bucket List

Happy Friday, my friends! It’s been an exhausting, productive week, and I don’t know about y’all, but TGIF is my mantra today. I’ve got a doctors appointment this afternoon (just to establish care, not exciting at all), maternity photos tomorrow night, and I’m hoping I can squeeze in a date with my love ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve got lots of options, and I want to take advantage of all of them!

One of the first things we did when we found out we would be back in the area was get the bucket list started. Lucky for us, we spent six months together in the area before that daggum deployment, and at that point just assumed we might not ever be back. In my life as a nomad, I’ve learned that you just never know where you’ll end up, so you better get while the gettins good. In those six months, we saw a TON, but there’s SO much to see around here, there was no way we wouldn’t find more to do!


Most of our to-dos are pretty (entirely) touristy, but when in Rome… I’m sure in the time we’re here we’ll find a few hidden treasures, so hopefully we’ll be pretty well rounded travelers when it’s time to say our “see you later” to Washington D.C.

D.C. Area Bucket List

  • Mallow Bay
  • Old Europe – we’ve actually already checked this off the list! It’s a delicious German restaurant, and we 100% plan to return.
  • Spy Museum
  • Cherry blossom river cruise
  • Ford’s Theatre
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • Paddleboats at the Jefferson Memorial
  • Go to the top of the Washington Monument (which won’t be possible until spring 2019)
  • White House tour
  • Capitol tour (we’ve been together before, but when we went the rotunda was under construction – boo)
  • Night Mall Date

Yay for adventures! I hope everyone has a super fantastic weekend!

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Nursery Inspiration

Hello all!

As we’ve been getting settled into our new home (which I LOVE), we’ve been slowly getting our sweet lil’ Dino’s nursery set up. I’m beginning to feel the pressure as we approach my due date so the wheels have been turning pretty consistently. I don’t have much of my own progress to share, but I did want to at least put the vibe out there.

Shout out to the creative souls of Etsy for bringing my woodland with subtle hints of Harry nursery to life!



All original links can be found on my Pinterest board, Baby Boy Style, which you can find here ๐Ÿ™‚

Day Date to McKee-Beshers, Maryland

Good afternoon blog friends! My love and I decided to take a small break from the moving in process (which is totally working out, but thank goodness for something more fun) to go on a little day date ๐Ÿ™‚

When my mom and I were in traffic on our way through D.C., we heard a commercial for sunflower fields in the area. Interest: piqued. A quick google search, ran it past hubs – mostly to see if he’d been before – and we were in business! We had to wait a few days for the official notice that they had bloomed, but luckily our schedule is pretty flexible right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m SUPER glad we made it out for a quick look. I’d never seen an entire field of them just doing their thing, but it was so Pinterest Perfect. I do wish there had been a few more that were in better shape, but I imagine visitors walking the rows does a good bit of damage to the poor petals and lower blooms. What can you do? Either way, I’m a flower girl and this was right up my alley, even in late July heat and humidity during my 33rd week (YIKES) of pregnancy ๐Ÿ™‚

If you happen to live in the area, here’s a link if you’re interested in your own sunflower field trip:

In other news, I’m feeling SO at home these days. Part of it is hormones #nesting, having my husband with me, and that our sweet puppies are the happiest, sweetest things you’ve ever seen. They love their new yard almost as much as we do. We can’t wait to get all set up so we can start putting together areas we hadn’t previously gotten to enjoy, like a fire pit and patio. We’ve got a cute little deck out our master bedroom that Ken wants to spiff up as well, so I’m sure he’s already got plenty of ideas ready to bring to life!

I’m just so happy these days. Life is hectic and we’ve hit a few minor speed bumps, but having my sweet love to help is a lifesaver. He found us a perfect little home and I can’t wait to see what the next few years here hold for our growing family.

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.

Freezer Meals for The New Mom : Part 2

After deciding to go ahead with preparing freezer meals for my future new-mom self, I got to work pretty much immediately. Life happened, and it took longer than expected, but here we are – at last, my final list of meals to prep!

I will say, this was harder than I thought it would be. Turns out I’m driven by cravings, so coming up with things that sounded yummy now, will hopefully be yummy then, and that have some nutritional value was a bit of a task. I mostly went with things we’ve had multiple times before, so the only surprise will be the Chicken Parmesan Casserole. I had to indulge a little bit but still keep it “normal” as far as tastes go, so that was the compromise.

If I had it my way, we would have pancakes all day everyday.

Not gonna happen.

So here’s what I’ve got instead. I’ve broken my menu down into 4 phases of prep, mostly just to avoid getting overwhelmed (that seems to happen a lot these days, ahem, hormones) and because this is my first time doing any major prepping/freezing for later.

I’ve made grocery lists for each set, which I won’t be including because I feel like that’s silly (how do I know what you have in stock? Oh yeah – I don’t), and they aren’t too bad. Like I said, I’ll be gathering basics & continuing to feed my little family while I get these rolling, so as of now I’m not feeling too much pressure.

A few other legitimate reasons I divided things up:

So I don’t have to buy ingredients for 12 extra meals while also restocking our pantry/fridge with necessities, and oh yeah we’re about to furnish an entire nursery and have a baby. It’s money I’ll be spending regardless, but at least this way I can feel okay about it while still checking all the other boxes I want to check.

Also, I just don’t want to spend an entire day in my kitchen. I haven’t seen it yet but the photos are nice, so it’s not a matter of hating that creative domestic space, more that I feel like an elephant and my feet agree. A lot of these involve half cooking then freezing (chicken, spaghetti sauce, ground beef), which I plan to do a lot of in the crockpot, so even if it does take all day, effort is minimal ๐Ÿ˜‰ Others will be bagged and specific ingredients added when it’s time to cook, so hopefully I haven’t made too much work for myself.ย I’m sure things won’t go quite according to plan, but thanks to all the relaxin pumping through my system, I’m suddenly a little more flexible. Bad joke.

One Hour Housewife is the name, being productive but not swamped because ain’t nobody got time for that is the game.

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